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How Belgian Data Protection Authority evaluated COVID-19 contact tracing Enhance your privacy management, based on the newest ISO27701 standard! DigitYser, een artificiële intelligentie en data science community om entrepreneurship te boosten - Philippe Van Impe “AI is becoming a clear reality.” - Patrice Latinne AI & de verbetering van customer experience - Reiner Bruns Hoe complexe data verwerken en implementeren? - Tom Lenaerts “We want to build relationships.” - Bas Janssen & Using algorithms to uncover discrimination and racism - Martin Canter Relatie tussen AI en RPA - Mathias Fransen How to value your compliance management? - FR Het coronavirus en de link met technologie - Marc Van Ranst Introduction of the Blockchain Summit conference themes Fully maximizing the value of hybrid IT solutions - Make your infrastructure agile & Cloud-enabled Master Use Cases for Digital Transformation Keynote - Drive Digital Transformation using AI Keynote - On the edge: 4 enabling technologies that will change the face of IOT The ripple effect of COVID-19 on AI Goodbye payments? Digital healthcare transformations: smart face masks case study Introduction of the Cloud Security conference track Introduction of the Internet of Things conference themes Introduction of the Industry 4.0 conference track Introduction to Cloud Governance on AWS The Relevance of PKI and Digital Signing in 2020 Giving your Teams a voice The future of conferences will be digital! - NL Optimize your Service Management processes with Robotic Process Automation Introduction of the Cyber Security conference themes Cyber Conference Days - DAY 1 Cyber Conference Days - DAY 2 Cyber Conference Days - DAY 3 DPO Circle Annual Conference - DAY 1 DPO Circle Annual Conference - DAY 2 Cyberdangers and the COVID-19 effect Strengthening Cyber Security with ML and AI Cybersecurity for extended attack surface Cyber Security Trends & Predictions for 2021 Minimising risk from cyber threats: focus on reducing time to containment Uncovering the Human Factor Cyber Security User Awareness A new era of Cryptography Beat ransomware. 3 Ultimate strategies Future of AI with data protection DPO assurance vs insurance - roundtable GDPR - From data management to responsible use of data Personal data protection in the Belgian public sector Data Protection On the Ground - Personal data protection in the banking sector Cyber Security Risks for Industry 4.0 AI-Enabled Cyber Security Results of the 'Industrial Cybersecurity Survey - Belgium 2020’ Ransomware: A modern threat to modern data 7 essential vulnerability management questions answered Security requirements in GDPR - there is no privacy without security Career development for Information security professionals The Secrets of Brand New Email Cyber Attacks to be Cautious of and How to Outsmart Them Your company through the eyes of 20.000 hackers: VRT casestudy The essential role of transparency when building trust Dutch Presentation: Case study: ‘SmartAIM’ identity & access governance in Vlaamse ziekenhuizen Cyber Arena : A look at digital confrontations and their fight Results of the 'Industrial Cybersecurity Survey - Belgium 2020’ Strengthen Your Cyber Resilience. Adapt with intelligence. Overview of professions involved in GDPR and the competence mix required for those professions Data protection in the software industry GDPR: Risk, Control, Audit Class action in privacy matters The Legality principle or which safeguards exists as to the use of citizen’s data by the state Keynote: European DPO activities abroad, beyond Brexit and the Schrems II judgement International Transfers of Data and Cybersecurity requirements – What is the impact of the Schrems II decision Discussion: controlling who has access to what - doing much with little Looking behind the curtains of Health-ISAC: sharing unmatched security threat intelligence and vulnerability information Keynote: Cyber Security? 3 Myths Debunked Introducing the CCAK Sophos Threat Report 2021 Mandiant security validation: stop assuming, start measuring A day at the races: managing cybersecurity for hospitals in 2020 Uncovering the Human Factor Cyber Security User Awareness Real-time IT Management Solutions for the New Speed of Business Why browser security should be a part of every enterprise's security strategy Ransomware: COVID-19 caused mutations and the ultimate guide for protecting your remote workforce GDPR training and awareness of employees The importance of collective wisdom of DPOs Data breach incident management, how to make it right? Smart Home: Welcome to the connected House 2.0 DPO independence & conflict of interests Cookies: what you need to know about them Implementing accountability in practice under the GDPR Blockchain Summit - DAY 1 Blockchain Summit - DAY 2 IoT 5G Summit IoT Industry 4.0 Summit Cloud Summit The DPO challenge in the transport sector Why your organisation needs to migrate to Microsoft Teams Connecting the digital society Blockchain adoption: a look beyond crypto, fintech and supply chain applications. Digital assets and DeFi: Regulatory of legal outlook CLAIMSHARE: Solving fraud in the insurance industry & Winner Insurtech global challenge 2020 Why 86% of enterprise blockchain implementations fail Making Trade Finance Easier to Secure for SMEs with Blockchain Cryptocurrencies and entreprise blockchains: two sides of one tapestry The Recovery is Digital, but What Role for Blockchain? Polkadot: A scalable, heterogeneous multi-chain built with Substrate What Enterprises can learn from web 3.0. Building digital ecosystems with Keyko and Nevermined Central Bank Digital Currency and stablecoins. Why should we care? The European Blockchain Service Infrastructure and the European Self Sovereign Identity Framework 500 years of blockchain history Open, Smart and IT driven RAN for 5G Private Networks and Neutral Host 5G and the channel opportunity Private Networks Round Table 5G powered IoT The advantages of 5G Standalone Non Public Networks The Possibilities of 5G and MPN for Industrial Use Keynote: 5G – promise or reality? Public and private 5G networks … towards a true partnership ? Perspective from the Belgian context Keynote: 5G & regulatory topics Proximus 5G innovation platform 5G brings new value AI & Privacy: How to find Balance AI, Data & Analytics Summit 2021 Flora Insurance : How to disrupt a traditional sector? The datacenter and the challenge of the Cloud Set up a multi-cloud strategy with Kubernetes Europe’s cloud and data Ambitions Innovate and thrive with cloud Implementing VMware Tanzu With Fujitsu Our Cloud Center of Excellence Your Cloud Security Journey – Implementing a Zero Trust security approach Endpoint Security from the cloud | Strategy beyond 2021 How to determine the optimal cloud for your workloads Silver Linings: Immune System Technology for Cloud & SaaS​ Sure, we can migrate that! Ransomware is rising, do you have a plan? Protecting Privacy in AI & Cloud World How to become data-driven 3x faster with a data & analytics accelerator framework How to deliver a network that’s as flexible as the cloud? Preparing for tomorrow’s connected world. Key considerations for a cloud-enabled data center modernisation Keynote - Cloud 3.0: Why CEOs must take the lead Cloud Experience – Bridge all Clouds to deliver the Experience you desire Fulfilling the promise of cloud-based analytics and workloads with data centric security Every business is a Cloud business Are web apps and AI threatening the future of mobile apps? How to run your business apps in a hybrid world? Doing Hybrid Right Cyber Security Convention How Cyclis improved customer interaction by modernizing their applications on Azure Demystifying Cloud Security How to determine the best actionable IT roadmap for your organization? The use of CCM 4 for cloud users It’s time to unlock data’s real value with Collaborative Computing Data-Powered Innovation Data Protection and Cloud, a contradiction in itself ? Protect your personal data in Cloud while staying compliant Cloud & digital twins The Digital Imperatives & the Cookiesless Advertising Google Cloud Global Public sector use case Why Co-location? Challenges & Trends Turning MS Teams into an intelligent telephony service European Cloud Policies - Building the next generation cloud for EU businesses and the public sector Ransomware: To pay or not to pay Developing organizational conflict wisdom Leading with fairness in difficult times FiredUp - Alles wat je nodig hebt voor een correct en respectvol ontslag The New Way of Working The New Way of Hiring The New Way of Talenting The New Way of Leading Industry 4.0: Grab the opportunity now! The IoT Effect: Smart Wins and how to spot them Cybersecurity Standardisation and Certification for Connected Devices: A European vision How to run a production-grade IoT platform? Someone Does Not Simply Stop Production Single Pair Ethernet - Semiconductor update on PHYs, Switches and PoDL Intelligent Industry 4.0: the Human AI approach How 5G fuels emerging technologies and unleashes untapped business values Digital challenges and opportunities: Industry 5-6-7, Digital Hubs & Financing Industrial Pathways, strategy guidance to to cope with digital industrial transformations IoT in operation, living up to the promise Open Standards based digital twin Artificial intelligence for the physical world and its secret weapon Sensor Network for Intelligent Predictive Enterprise. IoT / Cybersecurity and AI-based predictive maintenance in the foundry industry What makes for a productive Industry 4.0 ecosystem? Comparative analysis of Industry 4.0 ecosystems across EU countries Security Challenges Within OT and IoT DPO Circle Annual Conference Ransomware Report 2021 IDC MarketScape: U.S. Managed Detection and Response Services 2021 Vendor Assessment 2021: State of the Threat The LearnScape: Learning as Oxygen for Nimble Organisations Roundtable – The evolving role of the CISO in line with executive management expectations Roundtable – State of the art cybersecurity technology Roundtable – Data protection and privacy-related implications of a migration to the Cloud Introduction Cyber Security Convention 2021 Keynote Cyber Security: Being at the beginning of … Digital sovereignty: how to navigate the tech cold war without reverting to protectionism Cyber Resilience in a post-pandemic world Security and AI Update from the trenches: ransomware war stories Life-long learning and the cyberskills competencesGov The CEO and his cybersecurity strategy Make your employees part of your cyber defenses 3 cyber attacks to keep CEOs up at night Prepare your organization to reduce the impact of the cybercriminals Zero Trust How Cyber security allows organisations to thrive in a digital world Benefits of integration of IT security and Internal Control frameworks Digital Transformation – Is there a Common Thread? Cloud Security Cyber Security Test Platforms - Custom developments DCU - TierIV certified datacenter in Belgium Making governance and compliance real with technical controls 3 Essential Tips to strengthen your Digital Resilience in a Hybrid/Multi Cloud world The Business of Ransomware: CTU Cyber Threat Briefing Trust anchors - the enabling role of identity & trust anchors in zero trust security architecture The role of delegation and automation in Identity and Access Management (IAM) Zero Trust Application Access 5 steps in building a Threat Intelligence Program to protect your organization from cyberattacks beyond your perimeter US data transfers: what now? Practical and efficient implementation of standards lays the cornerstone of cyber security Regulation: the uprise, its dangers and how to tie it all together NIS Directive Cyberdangers and the Human Quels subsides pour vous aider à faire face aux cybercriminels? Welke subsidies om u te helpen omgaan met cybercriminelen Trust Valley - Cybersecurity innovation made in Switzerland: what’s in for Belgian companies

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